Thursday, January 17, 2013

Second Ultrasound Results

Yesterday morning I went in for my second ultrasound.  I was by myself this time, as my IPs weren't able to make the long drive down this week.  I'm not sure if it was because there weren't a bunch of other people with me this time, or it was just a coincidence, but the tech had a med student and resident with her so they could observe the ultrasound.  It was actually kind of too bad that my IPs weren't there for it this time, as the tech was going over everything in a lot of detail as she explained things to the students.

Despite the bleeding I had last week, both babies looked perfect again.  Baby A was measuring right on track at 7 weeks 5 days, with a heart rate of 155.  Baby  B was measuring one day ahead with a heart rate of 165.  They looked bigger this week and the heart beat was much easier to see, but they still pretty much just look like little blobs at this point.

The SCH was still there in all its glory.  It looked huge to me.  It was almost as big as the babies' gestational sacs.  When I commented on it, the tech didn't seem concerned.  When I got the official call from the Chicago RE, they didn't even mention it.  So I guess I'm the only one who was worried about it.  I will just keep myself braced for more bleeding in the next few weeks.

Starting today I get to cut my meds in half.  The RE said I could stop using one method of progesterone.  So I could either drop the shots or drop the suppositories and increase to a shot every day.  I would have gladly dropped suppositories and increased shots, but unfortunately I don't have enough of the PIO left to make it through the first week of February without ordering more.  Since I know the meds are really expensive and I don't want to make my IPs pay for them just for my own convenience, I will just do the shots every third day as before, and skip the suppositories on those days.  I also get to drop down from 4 patches to 2, which will make my tummy skin happy!

I also set up my first regular OB appointment!  It will be February 20, and we will have the 12 week ultrasound (including nuchal translucency screening test) and then the appointment with the doctor.  This will be the first time meeting this doctor, since my last OB left the practice since I delivered by baby.  My IPs will be attending the appointment, so we will all get to meet her and decide if we want to continue the pregnancy with her or switch to someone else. 

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