Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meds Countdown

2 more shots...
4 more patches...
8 more suppositories...

And then I am free!  Woo hoo, Sunday is my last day of meds!

Nothing else is going on.  My household is finally healthy again, and now I'm finally well enough to notice that I'm starting to feel pregnant.  Still nothing much going on, just some general stomach unhappiness, very hungry, and tired.  I have continued to spot on and off since my last ultrasound, but since there has been no red blood I'm not too worried.  I was told that my SCH was starting to clot up at the last ultrasound, so I'm guessing (hoping!) this is just the excess being released as the SCH reabsorbs back into my lining.

Other than getting to stop meds, I won't have much to report until the first OB appointment on February 20.

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