Friday, January 4, 2013

6 Weeks Pregnant

Wow, I'm already six weeks pregnant!  I figured out that this actual pregnancy is going to take less time than the planning/trying to get pregnant did.  So far the pregnancy is a breeze compared to the preparation part!

I know what you're thinking right how.  You want to know how I'm feeling.  Or maybe you don't really care, but since it's the obligatory question to ask a pregnant chick, I will tell you anyway.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, nothing major yet.  I have sore breasts once in a while.  A couple mornings this week I woke up a bit queasy, but it was nothing a few saltines couldn't fix.  I feel more tired, but that could also be because it's so freaking cold right now - normally during the winter I wish I could turn into a bear and go hibernate until spring.  I definitely am more hungry.  The kind of hunger where all of a sudden you realize you need to eat RIGHT NOW or you might just die.  This week I have started eating a second dinner right before bedtime so I don't wake up in the middle of the night feeling like that.  I haven't noticed any weight or body changes yet.  In fact, since starting meds I have actually lost 3-4 pounds.  The stomach bug over Christmas helped with that, because not only could I not overindulge on Christmas goodies, I could barely eat anything at all.

I checked back through the pregnancy journal I kept during my last pregnancy, and recalled how horribly bloated I was and how much my breasts hurt.  I don't have that this time around, which of course causes me to worry that something is wrong with the baby.  I mean, I'm pumping my body full of all kinds of fertility meds, shouldn't this pregnancy be worse instead of better?  Luckily we only have 5 more days until we find out what's going on in there.

As far as meds go, I'm getting very tired of them.  I'm still on all the same meds I have been on since transfer - one IM butt shot of progesterone every three days, 3 vaginal suppositories of progesterone a day, and 4 patches of estrogen that I change out every three days.  The shots are actually the easiest part for me.  My husband is a rock star at giving them, and most of the time I have no pain during or after the injection.  I have found the best thing for me to do is to draw the medicine into the syringe, use body heat to warm it up to body temperature (helps the oil in the medicine disburse instead of lumping up under your skin), sticking it in, massaging for a couple minutes, and then continuing on with my day.  I have tried taking a hot shower or sitting on a heating pad after, and I actually have more pain the day after those shots.  It's better for me if I simply keep moving around like normal and let the muscle work the medicine in.

The suppositories aren't really a problem, but man they are gross.  I pretty much have constant discharge from them.  Sometimes it comes out in such a gush that I think I am peeing my pants, or worse, miscarrying.  I will definitely not miss those tablets when I am rid of them.

The thing I'm actually having the most trouble with is the patches.  I have skin that is pretty sensitive to adhesives to begin with, and I have been on these patches for a month and a half now.  I have to put four on my lower abdomen.  Every three days I rotate sides, but they cause itchiness, rashes, and its now getting downright painful.  It's to the point where the skin isn't even healed from three days ago by the time I have to stick them back on.  Normally I am the suffer through type, but this morning I actually broke down and emailed one of the RE's nurses to see if she has any suggestions or if there is anywhere else I can put them besides my lower abdomen.

I will probably have to stay on the meds for another 4 weeks or so, and then hopefully my body will be able to produce everything that is needed on its own.


  1. Those freaking suppositories are the worst and they left me with a yeast infection. I didn't mind the shots so much but it became such a chore. I had to take them every day. :( Hang in there and soon you'll be off the meds for good!

  2. i had a shot daily, sometimes 2. I'd take it over the nasty white stuff. good luck! almost done!