Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Transfer Complete!

We got to the clinic at 7:40 this morning.  I got called back first and changed into my lovely gown.  I waited by myself for about half an hour while my IPs met with the embryologist to go over how their embryos were doing and decide which ones to transfer.  Then IM got changed into scrubs to join me for the transfer.  IF was too nervous so he stayed in the waiting room.  I had been drinking water so my bladder would be full at the time of transfer (I think a full bladder makes it easier for them to see what they are doing).  I also took my Valium and shortly thereafter we were brought to the transfer room.

Once we got there, IM got to take a look at her embabies though a microscope while they set me up in stirrups.  We got to watch on the big screen while they pulled the embryos into a catheter and then shot them up into my uterus.  Then they stood me up and we were out the door.  The whole thing literally took 2 minutes.  By the time I was getting dressed, the Valium really started to kick in.  IM actually ended up walking me back to my hotel room so I didn't get lost.  Then I collapsed in bed and slept like a rock for a couple hours.  IM came by to bring me lunch and then later for dinner, and we chatted and watched tv for a while.

My IPs ended up with several really great embryos.  We transferred 2 grade A embryos, which is the highest grade they can get.  They should have several to freeze for later use as well.  The embryologist was very optimistic about our odds of success.  It's amazing that I now have two babies on board!  I feel like I should feel different somehow, but I don't.

My official blood pregnancy test is 12/24, but most people are able to test positive with home pregnancy tests.  My IPs didn't have a preference for when I test, so I will probably do it sometime next week.  Since the embryos are already 5 days old, I am already considered 5 days pregnant!


  1. I have a question. How does one pick which 'potential people' are going to get a chance at life, and which aren't? If only there was a way to know if *this* fertilized egg will be a lawyer while *that* fertilized egg will NEED one. I suppose it doesn't matter, it will be a happy and loved child, and you can't go far wrong with that!

  2. LOL, well normally they take the ones that look the best first. In our case there were four perfect looking embryos, so it was just luck of the draw. My IPs now have 6 high quality frozen embryos that they will either use themselves in future attempts or for siblings, and if they decide not to use them they will most likely donate them to another couple. So both the lawyers and criminals will hopefully get a shot at life. :-)