Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Still Waiting for a Transfer Date

My appointment today went great.  My lining is up to 10mm, and is a triple stripe.  Normally the ultrasound techs don't comment on my lining or tell me their results (I don't think they are supposed to), but the tech today was excited to tell me how beautiful my lining looked.  Also, she was already faxing the results to the clinic in Chicago before I finished getting dressed.  I guess they don't want to have to deal with another fiasco like last week!  Later this afternoon I got a call confirming that my uterus is a go for transfer.  Unfortunately, she couldn't provide me with my med schedule from here on out because...

The donor went in for her appointment today and she is still not ready for retrieval.  She is going to go back tomorrow morning, and will probably end up triggering tomorrow night, making her retrieval Friday.  There is a small chance she still won't be ready, in which case it would get pushed back another day.  So, my transfer is probably going to be next Wednesday, 12/12/12...there has to be something lucky about that date, doesn't there?

On the bright side, even though the donor is stimming slower than expected, it looks like she's going to have lots and lots of eggs to retrieve...they counted 31 follicles at her appointment today!

We are supposed to get the final word on when retrieval will be tomorrow, so I will update then.

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