Friday, December 14, 2012

Killing Time in the Two Week Wait

I am home now, and on my last day of doctor mandated rest.  Luckily, my clinic does not require complete bed rest, but they do require me to be a couch potato for the day of transfer and the two following days.  My instructions were no cooking, cleaning, exercising, or going to work...just sitting as much as possible.  At first I was thinking, "um, can I have an embryo transfer every week?"  Now at the tail end of my restriction, my butt is SORE from being sat upon, and I would love to get up and do some dishes just to get some blood flowing to it.  Oh well, tomorrow I will be up and about all day long to make up for it.

Since the embryo transfer was last Friday, I am 7 days into my two week wait (the time between when a woman ovulates and her missed period).  Most women are able to see a positive on home pregnancy tests at least a couple days before that, so I will be testing at some point next week.  My IPs are trying to have the attitude of "what will be, will be" so they don't want to tell me if and when to test.  My official blood pregnancy test (Beta hCG) will be on Christmas Eve.  The results of that test will show me for sure if I am pregnant, and if so, if it's a healthy pregnancy or if I am likely to miscarry.  Based on how high the number is, I can also be a predictor (although not definite indicator) of how many babies are baking.  We won't know for sure about that until the first ultrasound, which will likely be sometime in the first half of January.  So every step in this process requires patience and waiting!

As far as symptoms go, I am not "feeling" pregnant yet.  Other than the tiredness, my other pregnancy symptoms I was having because of the progesterone seem to have gone away as I've gotten used to the drug.  Not feeling any symptoms doesn't really mean anything at this point though, because I never felt any symptoms with my daughter until several days after I got a positive pregnancy test.

I did have some minor uterine cramping on and off all morning and into the early afternoon yesterday.  This could be either irritation from the catheter during the transfer, or...implantation!  Hopefully one of those perfect little embies picked out its favorite piece of real estate and dug its way in for a nine month stay.

Since I don't have any pee stick pictures to show just yet, I figured I would show off my progesterone needle.  This is the one that goes into my butt once every three days.  I am so lucky I have a pro at home to keep the pain to a minimum:


  1. On the 24th... that's gonna be one hell of a christmas present!

  2. sticky sticky!!! can't wait to see that bfp!!!