Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All is Well

Still going strong on my lupron!  Other than the one migraine and a couple of hormonal overreactions to minor situations, I'm feeling fine!  The shots have continued to be easy, and I'm getting to be quite the expert at stabbing myself in the stomach.

I had my baseline ultrasound and blood work yesterday morning.  The ultrasound was the transvaginal kind (you know, where they stick the weenie wand up your hoo-ha), and the point of it was to check for any cysts or fibroids that might interfere with implantation, as well as to measure my endometrial lining thickness.  The tech didn't say much while she was looking around, but I saw her write down that my thickness was 3.1mm.  That's nice and thin, meaning my lining had shed like it was supposed to after I stopped birth control pills.  The results of the ultrasound and blood work were faxed to the clinic in Chicago.  I received a call from them that everything came back great, and I am to lower my dose of lupron and start on my estrogen patches tonight as planned.

So now I only have to give myself 5 units of lupron instead of 20, and start applying two estrogen patches and replacing those every other day.  Eventually I will increase to 4 patches, and possibly add estrogen tablets if it looks like my lining needs an extra boost.  I am also beginning to take my baby aspirin tonight to help increase blood flow to my uterus.

My next appointment is scheduled for November 28, and it is another ultrasound to make sure my lining is thickening properly, and blood work to make sure my estrogen levels are rising appropriately.  From that point they will know whether they need to adjust my meds in order to help my uterus be ready for transfer.

I heard from the nurse coordinator that the donor will be having her baseline appointment tomorrow, and if all looks good she will start her stimulation meds on Friday.  They are expecting her egg retrieval to be Dec. 4-6, which will most likely make my transfer Dec. 9-11.  This could change depending on how fast she stimulates and how many eggs are retrieved.

I will be back to update once I have heard that the egg donor has started her meds OK.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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