Friday, June 8, 2012

A Note on My Agency

No word on my psych appointment yet, so I figured I would take this opportunity to insert a shameless plug about my agency.  I am working with Jesse with Pink & Blue Surrogacy, which is a small agency run out of Wisconsin that serves all types of clients from around the world.  Jesse is a three time surrogate herself who decided to open her own agency.  She has some staff members, but basically runs the whole show herself - coordinating with parents, surrogates, doctors, lawyers, etc. to make sure no balls get dropped and the process is as smooth and efficient as possible from matching through delivery.

During the past few months, Jesse has been FANTASTIC!  She's always super quick to respond to emails and will make time for a phone conference whenever I have questions.  She is great about shooting me a quick note or giving me a call whenever the next step in the process is made, or even just to check in and let me know she hasn't forgotten about me/us.  I know my IPs love her too.  They talked to several agencies before deciding to work with Pink & Blue, and said Jesse was the only one who made them feel like she really cared about them and their story.

Another thing I love about my agency is that there is a private online group for all the surrogates so we can all update each other on where we are in our journeys.  Even though the agency is super small, in the month or so I've been in the group there have been two adorable new babies born and three new pregnancies achieved!  It's a great way to keep me inspired and focused on the ultimate goal, which is giving my IPs their own little bundle of joy!

So anyway, if you are a potential surrogate or IP who is looking for a wonderful agency, I encourage you to check out Pink & Blue!

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