Monday, October 1, 2012

Sitting on Pins and Needles

After sending in my doctor's approval letter to the clinic on Thursday morning, I waited with bated breath for a response and hopefully my calendar...and I waited...and I waited.  Finally on Sunday, the nurse coordinator emailed me back to say that I could not have a calendar until the new egg donor fully passed her screening.  So I guess she's not done and ready to go after all.

In addition, after having the contract back for 2.5 weeks, my IPs' attorney finally sent it back to us with revisions on Friday.  It looks like we agree on most things, but there are still two fairly big issues that need to be addressed.  The deadline for getting this signed is Thursday (3 days from now), because my attorney will be out of the office Friday for about a week, and I leave the country on Sunday for a week and a half.  Despite the other lawyer insisting on taking her sweet time on this, we are hoping to actually get this done on time so we aren't pushed back a whole month because of it.  My attorney is planning to get it back to her by the end of the day today.

So, I still have to find out if I even get a schedule, have the meds shipped to me, and get my contracts done by the end of this week.  Oh, and I also have my daughter's first birthday party and my international vacation to plan for, both of which happen this weekend.  No biggie, right?

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