Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally an Update, and It's a Good One!

I had my follow up appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday.  After being on the thyroid medicine for 6 weeks, my thyroid levels went down to a 3.5!  The fertility clinic said they are OK with anything under a 4.0, so my doctor said she will write me a clearance letter.  She was going to mail it today, so I should have it to the clinic by the end of the week and hopefully get my new calendar.  The doctor decided to up my dose a little bit because she prefers me to be under 2.5 by the time I am pregnant, so I will increase my dose and go back in another six weeks to make sure it's looking good.

In other news, my IPs also let me know yesterday that their new egg donor has passed her screening and is ready to go!

So, fingers crossed, it looks like a mid-November transfer may be possible!

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