Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Don't Need the Test!

I just realized I never came back and posted what happened when I called my doctor.  I explained to her that all the clinic required was TSH levels in the normal range, that was really all I wanted to find out.  Since there is no treatment if there is an autoimmune disease, all it would do was make me more worried about every future pregnancy I have.  And it turns out the "increased risk" is only about 3% anyway - totally not worth the stress in my opinion!

She said that if I don't want to have the test, I don't have to have it.  She said that doctors are curious people by nature and they like to know things, often more than the patients themselves.  But she said my clearance wouldn't be contingent on the test, and I can opt out if I want to.  She will continue to monitor my thyroid levels per the clinics requirements.

So I have my follow up appointment on September 24, and will get my blood work done a few days in advance so we have the results in hand at the appointment.  We still have time to make adjustments to the dosage before a November transfer, so she said as long as she can tell the medication is doing something, she will go ahead and write me a clearance letter at that time.  It's sure been taking long enough to get that letter, but as long as I have it in hand by the end of the month I'll be a happy camper!

In other news, I reviewed my contract and sent my proposed changes to my lawyer.  I have a telephone conference scheduled with her for tomorrow afternoon to go over everything.  My IPs leave for vacation next week, so I would love to get them our revised contract by the end of this week.  But I'm not sure if that's doable.  There is about a 2 week period between when they get back and I leave for my vacation that we will have to get everything done and signed.  I'm hoping it works out!

Also, the new egg donor has her screening appointment set up for the end of the month.  So it looks like if everything goes as planned, both she and I should be cleared at about the same time and we will be ready to start cycling in the middle of October!

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  1. Glad to hear it's all coming together! You'll be sticking needles into yourself before you know it! ;)