Friday, July 6, 2012

Psych Clearance is (Finally) In

So yesterday my psych clearance finally came through!  Apparently the hold up was that they hadn't received the MMPI results until yesterday.  It normally isn't supposed to take two weeks to get MMPI results, but I guess with it being 4th of July week, no one else was in as much of a hurry for the results as we were.

So now we believe everything we need has been forwarded to the nurse coordinator (NC) at our clinic.  She contacted me this morning to see if I was already taking birth control pills, so at least I know I'm on her radar.  I'm hoping to get an actual appointment set up very soon...they like to get them done at a specific part of your cycle (normally around CD12), and I am already on CD3.  So if we don't get something set up in the next few days we will likely get pushed back to August.

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