Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stitch Fix #3 - Some Good, Some Bad

After waiting with much anticipation, I received my third Stitch Fix earlier this week.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks.  I had finally broken down and joined Pinterest to create a fashion board and link it to my profile, and I had been busy pinning other Stitch Fix pieces I liked from people's blog posts.

When I opened my box, I experienced two disappointments right off the bat.  First, despite that fact that I had specifically requested my stylist from my two previous fixes, I was assigned someone new.  Also, when I had requested my fix, I had specifically requested a skirt, and there was none to be found in my box.  Nor was there any reference in my stylist's note as to why I didn't receive one, which led me to wonder if my request had been read at all.  That said, my new stylist still did a good job picking out some nice items.

1) Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse ($54)

My first impression of this blouse was good.  It was a beautiful color and a nice, light material.  However, when I put it on, it looked very tent-like on me.  It also washed out my already pale skin.  Plus it was dry clean only, despite the fact that I had requested no dry clean items in my profile.  Status: Returned

2) Pomelo Corinna Striped Dolman Top ($48)

I really liked this shirt when I pulled it out of the box.  I don't have a lot of casual clothes that are also nice, since I usually gravitate toward spending my money on business attire for my work place.  As a result, I spend most of my off hours in sweatshirts or T shirts.  This one had a nice comfy feel and look, was a pretty color, and make me look more put together than I normally do on the weekends.  However, once I put it on I noticed that it was starting to come apart at the seams on both sleeves.  Sad face.

I emailed customer service to see if they had a replacement they could send me, since otherwise I really liked it.  They got back to me within a few hours to say that they didn't have any others in stock, but that if I thought it could be repaired, they would offer me a 15% discount if I wanted to keep it.  I debated for a couple days, but then when I put it on again, I noticed that some of the stripes didn't match up at the seams.  Overall I decided it was just not well made, and decided to send it back.  Status: Reluctantly Returned

3) Just Black Kristy Skinny Jean ($78)

These jeans are the same brand I bought (and still love!) from my first fix.  Like the last pair, they fit like a glove.  However, these were "ankle" jeans.  At first I was very put off by this.  As someone who has trouble ever finding jeans that are long enough, it just seems wrong to intentionally buy short jeans.  However, my husband thought they looked great on me - although I think he was more focused on my butt than my ankles. ;)  I went back and forth on these, and slowly started to come around to the idea of jeans short enough to show off cute shoes.  But eventually decided I just didn't feel confident enough in them to keep them.  Maybe if they had been another inch shorter, they would have looked like true ankle jeans.  As they were, they sort of just looked like they were regular length jeans that were too short for me.  Actually, I think the length looks better in the picture than it felt like it did when I had them on.  Maybe I should have kept them?  Status: Returned

4) Pomelo Carla Contrast Trim Drape-Front Cardigan ($54)

This cardigan was one of the items I had pinned to my Pinterest board, so I was super excited to see it in my box.  My stylist noted that she was including it because I had pinned it, so it's nice to know that she did take the time to check out the board I spent a lot of time creating.  I loved this.  SO comfy.  It's a lighter cardigan but still fairly warm.  I think it will be perfect for chilly spring days or summer nights.  The sleeves came buttoned up, but you can also roll them down and they were nice and long.  I will be getting a lot of wear out of this one.  For those interested, I do think it's worth noting that this is the only item I have received in all three fixes that was not made in the US or Canada (it is from China).  Even the other item from Pomelo was made in the US.  Status: Kept!

5) Vanessa Mooney Davenport Teardrop Nugget Earrings ($42)

These earrings were not my style at all.  They were way too big for me, about the length of my thumb.  Even if they had been my style, I would not have paid $42 for them.  After receiving these I decided to change my profile to reflect that I didn't want to be sent any more earrings.  I just don't like earrings enough to pay Stitch Fix prices for them.  Status: Returned

Overall, I am very happy I did another Stitch Fix.  I was a bit disappointed with the change in stylist, because it felt like a less personal experience this time.  But I still got some great choices of clothing and was able to try out some ankle jeans, which I would never have considered in the store.  I will plan on doing another fix, probably in the early summer.

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