Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #2

I know that fashion has nothing to do with surrogacy, but my first Stitch Fix review post had the second most views of my entire blog (right behind the babies' birth announcement).  So I figured I'd update with the results of my second fix!

Wondering what the heck I'm talking about?  You can see the review of my first fix, with a complete description of Stitch Fix here.

I counted down the days until my package arrived, and once I received the shipping notification I stalked FedEx's website until I saw it was waiting at my door for me.  The package arrived a little beat up (apparently FedEx does not have the same reverence for Stitch Fix as I do), but inside everything was packaged perfectly.

I opened my note from my stylist, Laurie.  I loved her styling so much last month that I requested her again, so I was super excited to see her name on my note.  She is the best!  I could tell she really reviewed all my feedback last time and took the time to really focus on things that would work well for me.  Then she explained why she chose them for me, and she not only told me how they could be combined together, but also which pieces would go well with the items I kept from my last fix!  I love the attention to detail.  I thought about not sharing her name for fear that too many other people would start requesting her and she would be too busy for me next time around, but I figured she deserved a shout out!

Then I checked out my items.  I was so happy to see a box full of COLOR!  Here's what I got (by the way, I apologize for the bleary eyes and bad lighting - it was after 9:00 pm and I had to force my husband away from the Olympics to snap a few pictures):

1) 41Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater ($58)

From reviewing way too many other Stitch Fix reviews, I had seen this sweater several times in several different colors.  I liked it on other people, so I specifically asked for it in my fix.  I was so excited to see it in there, and in yellow - my favorite color!  Once I put it on, though, I was underwhelmed.  There wasn't really anything wrong with it, but it just wasn't super flattering.  I didn't think the shade of yellow went that great with my hair color, and it was a little baggier in the midsection than I generally like.  If it had been $20 I probably would have kept it.  But at $58, I would have really had to love it.  Status: Returned

2) 19 Cooper Clemency Diamond Print Tab-Sleeve Tunic ($68)

The piece I was most excited to try on in my fix.  I loved the print, and I had requested a tunic style top.  Once I put it on, I really wanted to love it, but it didn't do that much for me.  I tried it with and without a belt, and with and without a cami underneath, and I just couldn't get myself to love it on my body.  Then I looked at the tag and saw it was dry clean only.  That was the nail in the coffin - back in the box it went.  Status: Returned

3) 41Hawthorn Milano Twist-Front Crew Neck Knit Top ($68)

I wasn't super excited about this top pulling it out of the box, since it was just plain black.  But once I put it on, it was very flattering.  You can't see it all that well in this picture, but I thought the twist in the top helped give the shirt some interest and helped enhance my not-so-big bust.  I liked the length and the sleeves were long enough, which is hard for me to find.  Score!  Status: Kept!

4) Margaret M Kayla Skinny Jean ($98) - also pictured above

Red Jeans!  I loved the color, and I have no colored jeans.  Once I tried them on though, I was a bit disappointed.  First, they were super stretchy, almost more of a jegging than an actual jean.  The "pockets" were fake, and they were a tiny bit too short for me.  They did look good with the high boots and longer top.  But I'm just not willing to cough up almost $100 for jeggings that aren't even a perfect fit.  I did really love the color though, I am going to be on the look out for some red jeans.  Status: Returned

5) 41Hawthorn Amelia Multi Chevron Stripe Scarf ($32)

This was the only thing in my fix that I did not like at first sight.  I really like chevron print things, but I found the colors on this scarf to be very childish.  Then I took it out of the package, and discovered it was one of the softest scarves I have ever felt.  Once I tried it on, it definitely grew on me.  As my stylist pointed out, it would go with the purple dolman top I kept from my last fix, but I didn't really see it going with too much more than that in my closet.  Plus, it was dry clean only.  Dry clean a scarf?  No way.  If this had been under $20, I might have kept it for the softness alone, but this one went back to Stitch Fix as well.  Status: Returned

Even though I only ended up keeping one item this time, I still LOVED my fix!  It is just so fun to get a package in the mail full of goodies picked out just for you by someone who knows what they're doing.  I think my stylist did a great job, and I would have kept a couple more if they had fit me better.  But I was on a bit of a budget this month and I told myself I would only keep something if it was perfect, so the Twist-Front top is the only one that found its way into my closet.  The cost was $68 which was more than I normally want to spend, but I had already paid $20 for the styling fee which got credited toward my purchase, and I had another $25 referral credit, so it only ended up being $23 - not bad at all!  And now I have more money to save for my next fix!

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself?  Check it out here!  Please note: I do not get anything from Stitch Fix to write these reviews, but if you use my referral link to sign up for your first fix I will get a $25 credit toward a future purchase. 


  1. Love the review! I always request Laurie, too! She is the best. I'm on my 5th fix now!

  2. I hand wash things that say "dry clean only" because I don't like the chemicals or the bother of dry cleaning and I've never had any issues! I think you kept the best thing in the box!