Friday, July 26, 2013

35 Weeks and Appointment Update

I am 35 weeks pregnant today!  I can't believe there are only 3 weeks or less to go!

I had my almost 35 week appointment yesterday.  First was the ultrasound.  Just did a quick check on both babies, and they are still looking good.  I was shocked to find out that Baby B has turned back to head down.  I assumed they were out of room this late in the game.  I also thought for sure that I would feel them (painfully!) in the event they flipped, but he must have done it like a ninja in the night.  Unfortunately his position doesn't really matter, and Baby A is still hanging out nice and comfy with his head in my ribcage.  So a c-section it is.  The tech said he actually looks like he has enough room to move if he wanted to, but he is just stubborn.  We were able to snap a couple cute pictures of each of them this time.  Also the tech said that she can tell Baby B is going to have a lot of hair!

Then it was on to the non-stress test.  Again, fairly uneventful.  Baby A decided he did not enjoy the contraction monitor sitting on top of him, so after   a little while he started punching it.  It was pretty funny because I could see the whole monitor moving, and the monitor readout had all these weird spikes in random places.  Other than that, everything looked great, and it was off to see the doc.

Now that I have resigned myself to the idea of a c-section, my main question for the doctor was what to do if I went into labor on my own, and what would happen once I got to the hospital (they don't really walk you through a c-section scenario on the general hospital tour).  He told me to go ahead and come in right when I was pretty sure I was in labor - no laboring at home is encouraged in this situation.  He said they would do a quick evaluation, but they wouldn't wait around to see if I started dilating more or anything like that.  He said at this point if I come in pregnant with twins and contracting regularly and strongly, they will most likely just go ahead and do the c-section rather than wait around and risk having someone get too far down in the birth canal.

I go to a very large practice with many different doctors (probably about 10-15).  He said in most cases, whoever happens to be on call when I come in will be the one to deliver me.  He said that since we are somewhat of a special case, he has put into my chart to have the medical staff call him when I get to the hospital, and if possible he will come in and deliver me.  He did mention that he is going out of town from August 3-10, so he obviously won't be available those dates.  I told him that in that case I'm pretty sure that's the time frame when the babies will decide to come, and he said yes, that's usually the way it works.

Anyway, I go back in another week for more of the same.  They told me they will probably do a growth check on the babies next time (I'm thinking they should both be over 5lbs by then), and the doctor said we will schedule a c-section date for sometime around 38 weeks.  My IF will be able to come to the next appointment (IM probably won't be able to make it), so I'm excited for him to be able to see his kiddos again and ask any last minute questions he has.

As far as how I'm feeling this week, I seem to have gotten a second wind here at the end!  I think the fact that I got over my cold really helped, because being sick just makes me miserable in general and makes it so much harder for me to deal with anything else.  Also, I broke down and bought some compression socks that I have been wearing with tennis-shoe type shoes, even to work.  They are super sexy - black and knee high, but they help a lot!  The swelling isn't totally gone, but it's much better than it was before, and it doesn't hurt to move my toes or bend my ankles now. 

I am up to probably about 10 contractions a day now, but I haven't had anything strong or regular.  Other than that I feel like my body can probably handle cooking these boys until they are forced out, unless they decide they want to meet their parents sooner than that!

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  1. Good luck Tammy! Glad you're feeling better this week :)