Friday, June 7, 2013

28 Weeks!

Hooray, we made it to the third trimester!  I'm so happy to have hit this milestone.  At 28 weeks, a baby has about a 90% chance of survival...that's a huge jump from just a few weeks ago.  There are now 10 weeks or less until my IPs get to meet their sons for the first time!

The babies continue to do well.  Baby A is still moving all the time.  I think based on his kicks that last week he turned back to being head down, but now I feel like he is back to being breech again (I feel more kicks way down low).  I'm hoping he decides to flip one more time in the next couple of weeks and then stay that way!  Baby B has taken up permanent residence in my ribcage, which is very uncomfortable for me.  I get kicked in the ribs, and I think I have a butt pushing up against my other organs.  It is very difficult to bend over now, and I can't lay on my back anymore because it is hard to breathe.  But the plus side is that he is placed so it is very easy to see and feel him move from the outside...hopefully my IPs will get to feel him our appointment on Wednesday!
I am still feeling mostly good.  I haven't had to cut back on any of my regular activities yet, except my walks are shorter and slower.  I definitely feel like my energy is starting to decrease, and I have a feeling that in a couple more weeks my poor husband will be stuck doing more than his fair share of the work around the house.  I am also starting to have some pain in my hips.  I remember having this at about the same time last pregnancy.  I'm thinking of asking my doctor about it at the next appointment and seeing if he thinks seeing a chiropractor will help.  Last pregnancy I just suffered through the pain, but I remember some days it was hard to walk at all, and I have a feeling it will be even worse with twins.  I have never been to a chiropractor before, but I know there are a couple in my area that specialize in pregnancy.
The only other thing I have noticed lately is that I have an uncontrollable urge to bake.  This is very strange for me since normally I hate cooking anything at all.  But this week I've made cookies and peanut butter cups from scratch!  I wonder if this is my version of nesting, since I don't have any plans to make for the actual babies.
Here is my 28 week belly photo.  I'm guessing I probably have about 4.5 pounds of baby in there right now!

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  1. You look fantastic! Great update! I hope some chiropractic does the trick for your hips! Next time I'm pregnant (assuming I get pregnant again) I'm going to stop thinking about chiropractic and do it! Enjoy the fruits of your baking! :)