Friday, June 14, 2013

28 Week Ultrasound/Appointment

I had the 28 week ultrasound and appointment on Wednesday.

The ultrasound was to check the babies' growth, and to make sure Baby B was not getting too much bigger than Baby A.  It was a  pretty quick scan, where they just measured sizes and checked positions.  Both babies are doing great, and had each gained about a pound from 3 weeks ago.  Baby A is currently 2lb, 13 oz (50th percentile) and Baby B is currently 3lb, 6oz (70th percentile).  Baby A is still breech, with his feet right on my cervix and his body squished up the right side of my uterus.  So when I told my husband I felt like someone was jumping right on my cervix, it's because there was!  Baby B is taking up all the other room in the uterus, jackknifed with his head down to the left side, his butt up under my right rib on top of his brother's head, and his feet under my left rib.  Both babies had plenty of amniotic fluid and were looking healthy as can be.

Then they did my last cervical length check - still nice and long at 4cm.  They will not do them after this point because they can irritate the cervix and do more harm than good.  Plus at some point it's going to have to start shortening anyway, or the babies will never be able to come out!

After the ultrasound, I talked with my doctor.  He said the disparity in size between the babies is holding steady at around 16%, so he is not worried that one is stealing nutrients from the other.  He said that he doesn't think any more ultrasounds will be necessary after this point, except for one at around 34 weeks to find out the babies' position so we can start on a birth plan.  That means Baby A has about 6 weeks to flip before I am condemned to a c-section.  He also measured my belly, and I am only measuring about 2 weeks ahead.  How I'm managing to fit over 6 pounds of baby, two placentas, and two amniotic sacs into a 31 week belly is beyond me.  My own daughter was only 6lb, 9oz at birth at 40 weeks - it's going to be interesting to see how much more this uterus can stretch!

I mentioned my hip/pelvic pain and asked about a chiropractor.  I was happy that he was very agreeable to the idea, and told me to go ahead and see a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist as necessary for pain management. 

From here on out I will have appointments every 2 weeks, and then every week starting at 34 weeks.  He also mentioned weekly non-stress tests starting at 4 weeks to make sure the babies are doing OK with the room they have in there, but made it sound like that was more of an option than a command.  So my next appointment is Wednesday, June 26.  I also signed my IPs and I up for the hospital tour again that evening - hopefully they will be able to make it this time because I feel like with twins 30.5 weeks is pushing it.  I'm also hopeful we can knock out a rough draft of our birth plan to give to the hospital.

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