Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cervical Length Check

This morning was my cervical length check.  I was hoping that it was holding steady from it's sharp decrease in length two weeks ago.  The check went way better than I could have planned!

First the tech checked the babies' heartbeats.  Baby A's was about 180.  The tech commented that he must be very excited this morning, and I told her that his heart rate was always that high.  I think my IPs are going to have a wild one on their hands!  Baby B's was about 155.  Both nice and strong and steady.

Then we got to my cervical length.  It measured 4.2!  That's up from 2.9 two weeks ago!  I was so excited to hear it.  I asked the tech if the difference could have been different measuring techniques between the two techs (both times this tech measured me I was over 4, and a different tech measured me last time at 2.9).  She said she couldn't see any way that there could have been that big of a difference just based on measurement styles. 

I have been trying to relax and keep my feet up as much as possible since my last check.  It helped that we went on vacation to visit our family for a week, and there was no lack of doting grandparents ready to jump in and take care of my toddler while I laid on the couch. :)  So I'm sure that helped.  But my personal theory is that Baby A's head was putting pressure on my cervix before, and a couple of days ago he moved farther away.  There were times over the last couple weeks where I would stand up and feel like if I didn't sit down again immediately, someone was going to fall out.  I have never felt so much pressure before, even when I walked around dilated to a 2 for three straight weeks my last pregnancy.  But as of yesterday, I haven't felt any pressure at all.  The tech confirmed that Baby A is still head down, but must have decided to find higher ground in there somewhere because I can feel a huge difference...I am so much more comfortable now!  I told the tech about my guess and she said it was plausible, and there are lots of explanations for why there was such a big jump back up.

She recommended that I still be monitored every two weeks just to be on the safe side.  So I will have another cervical check when I have my echo on May 22.

Speaking of my echo, after sending my OB a strongly worded email about how much I disliked the MFM we saw and that I wanted nothing to do with him ever again, he was able to get me an appointment with another MFM.  The best part is, because it required a date change, we will now get our regular appointment with our OB rather that some random person, and my IPs will be able to attend!  So all around great news!

Next up is the cardiac echo and a regular OB appointment on May 22.  My IPs and I will also be taking a tour of the delivery hospital that day.  I am excited that we are getting to the stage where it's time to start planning for the birth!

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