Thursday, May 23, 2013

25 Weeks, Cardiac Echo Appointment

Yesterday was the cardiac echo with the MFM.  Unfortunately, my IPs weren't able to make it to this one due to a scheduling conflict.  So we ended up cancelling the hospital tour and will hopefully be doing that sometime in June.

The echo was performed by my favorite tech under the supervision of the MFM doctor.  As the tech explained, they were able to get every single heart measurement known to man on both babies, and everything looked perfect!  They were also able to get a few cute pictures that they gave to me to pass on to my IPs.  Baby B is on the left and A is on the right.

Their overall growth looked good.  Baby A has flipped and is now breech (BAD BABY!).  He is estimated at 1 pound, 14 oz.  Baby B is laying head down-ish across the top of Baby A, and is currently  hanging out at the bottom of my rib cage making it hard for me to bend over.  He is about 2 pounds, 5 oz.  That's over four pounds of baby in there!

Then they did another cervical length measurement.  It was measuring 4.3 cm today, which is awesome for 25 weeks.  They told me that I no longer have to get checks every two weeks on that.  They will only check again if there is a concern, like I start to feel pressure again or I start having a lot of contractions.

 My next appointment is in 3 weeks, which will be another ultrasound to check on the babies growth.  They want to make sure that Baby B doesn't get TOO much bigger than Baby A because that can indicate that he is stealing all of the nutrients.  Then I will have another regular OB appointment.  After this next appointment they I will have the screening test for gestational diabetes, and I will start having appointments with my OB every 2 weeks.  He didn't mention either way, but we will probably continue to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks just to keep an eye on the babies' growth and position.

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