Saturday, December 21, 2013

Share Your Blog!

When I was first researching and beginning my surro journey, I got really into finding and reading blogs to see what others were experiencing on their journeys.  As I got farther into my own, I continued to follow the blogs that I found, but didn't keep adding new blogs.  Now I have noticed that many of the blogs I feature along my sideline have become, like mine, fairly inactive after their owners completed their journeys.

I am looking to start following new journeys and share them on my blog, so that newbies who come here have some active links to follow!  I know this blog is still viewed at least a few times a day (over 7000 views total now, wow!)

Do you have a blog that you would like me to follow and feature?  If so, post the link here!

Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday season!


  1. We already follow each other! :D We are getting ready for our last try in a few weeks!!

  2. I know, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can make your little man a big brother!

  3. Hi there I will be staring a new blog when I deliver I just haven't made up my mind on the title or what it will feature mostly. I will keep blogging maybe it will focus on life after a journey I will let you know

  4. I am unsure if you are following me but I am still working on my journey :)

  5. Thanks girls, I have added you!

    I started my blog when I got married little did I know our future consisted on moving across the county and getting a job in New York City. :)
    I love you blog!

  7. Hi! I'm an IF who is just starting the journey with my partner. I am blogging the steps from the very beginning, to finding an egg donor, to the surrogate, to hopefully... a family! Your blog is very helpful to me in understanding the views and feeling of our future surrogate. Thank you!

    Here is my blog:

    Thank you, Jeremy