Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello Second Trimester!

I am 13 weeks pregnant today!  I can't believe how fast the first trimester went by.  For the most part, I have felt great, much better than when I was pregnant with my own child.  Just the one day of sickness, a few other moments of passing nausea, and the obligatory feeling of exhaustion.  I am still feeling very tired, but I'm hoping that I get some of my energy back in the next couple of weeks.  Aside from that, I am SO hungry.  With how much I have been eating, I am shocked that I still haven't gained any weight, although I'm definitely starting to get a baby bump:

We had our 12 week appointment and NT screening on Wednesday.  First we had the ultrasound, and both babies looked great.  They were both measuring a few days ahead, and had good heart rates of 170 and 164.  The NT screening went well, they both measured well within the normal range.  They also took some blood to screen to find out what the risks are for genetic abnormalities.  Since we used such a young egg donor, there is no need for an amnio unless the blood work results come back abnormal.

Both babies were very cooperative for their test, the tech was very impressed.  She said she's has twin NT scans take all afternoon, but ours only took about 45 minutes for the whole ultrasound.  All of the babies organs looked great, and we were able to see hands with 5 perfect fingers.  The tech also had gender guesses!  She went on the record to say that she believes my IPs will be the proud parents of twin BOYS!  She told them not to rush out and buy blue yet since it's too early to be sure.  She was pretty confident about Baby B, but Baby A was more of a guess.  It will be interesting to see if she was right when we go in for our anatomy scan at 18 weeks.

Then we had our first regular OB appointment.  It was pretty routine, get my weight and blood pressure, have me pee in a cup, and ask if anyone had any questions.  After that, my IPs got kicked out of the room while the doctor did an internal exam on me.  I got to ask about delivery options, and the doctor told me that at their practice, if Baby A is head down when it comes time to deliver, they prefer a vaginal delivery to a c-section...yay!  If Baby A is not head down, it will be an automatic c-section (as it most likely would be with just a singleton as well).  I also asked about getting special permission for my IPs to be able to join my husband in the delivery room, even if it was in the OR.  She said that she is pretty confident that an exception can be made in our case.

Once the appointment was over, my IPs told me that they did not like/were not comfortable with that doctor.  They didn't appreciate being kicked out of the room and didn't feel like they got enough time to ask all their questions.  So we will be trying a different doctor next time.  I definitely want to make sure everyone is comfortable and able to enjoy the pregnancy experience!

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  1. Awesome! Your first trimester sounds a lot like mine, few symptoms but tired! You look great. Nice little belly bump.