Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So our schedule is delayed for sure.

It actually isn't my fault though.  I went to visit the primary care physician yesterday.  I showed him my labs from the fertility clinic and he was totally unconcerned about my thyroid level.  He said that my levels weren't THAT high, and I have no symptoms of hypothyroidism (hair loss, cold sensitivity, dry skin, weight changes, etc.).  Normally for someone in my situation, he just monitors the levels to make sure they don't get even more wacky.  He said that even though my level was high for a "normal" person, it might be normal for me.  He went ahead and ordered a more detailed thyroid panel, including my TSH level (what was ordered before), as well as T3 and T4 levels (more specific and important measurements of thyroid function) and kidney and liver function tests (which can be affected by thyroid problems).  I went ahead and got my blood drawn this morning.  Assuming everything looks OK, he will just continue to monitor me med-free throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

I emailed the nurse coordinator to let her know what he had said, and she said that was perfectly fine.  She just needs him to send in a letter once the blood work comes back confirming that he clears me for an IVF pregnancy and that he will monitor me throughout the pregnancy.  The doctor was actually ready to go ahead and sign a form yesterday, so I don't anticipate this being a problem unless something comes back badly from my tests.

Unfortunately though, upon further review, my IPs' fertility clinic doctor decided not to clear the egg donor that my IPs had wanted to use.  He decided the fact that she has made three donations without a resulting pregnancy is just too much of a risk when my IPs have so much hope and money on the line.  I kind of feel bad for the egg donor, since two of her cycles resulted in freezing all the embryos and not even trying for pregnancy  But perhaps there was some sort of info in her charts that gave him pause.

Either way, I agree that it is definitely better to wait two months to find a proven donor, rather than wasting all of our time and their money attempting to get pregnant with embryos that are no good and then having to start from scratch.

At first I was bummed with this news, because I was getting so excited to get to transfer.  I was supposed to start meds just 10 days from now!  But I think this is actually going to work out better in the long run.  There are a few things happening in October that I'd rather be able to enjoy with alcohol and/or without morning sickness: my daughter's first birthday, my trip to Italy, and my 30th birthday!  Plus, since abstinence is required from transfer through the first ultrasound (6-7 weeks), my husband had expressed his disappointment that this time would have fallen during our Italy trip.  Now there are no worries in that department either!

So it looks like the current plan is for me to start injectable meds in mid-October and then transfer in mid-November.  Now all we need is for my IPs to pick another egg donor who gets approved!  Oh, and to finish the contract, which I still haven't seen a rough draft of yet.


  1. That sucks hard! I was looking forward to having a cycling buddy! :(

  2. Hi Tammy I had a similar problem with my thyroids and was put on synthroid for 6 weeks and it helped great. I was told that our form of thyroidism is common after having a baby but that we really would'nt notice it. Looking forward to keeping up with you

  3. Yay! B gets some Italian lovin' ;)

  4. We were delayed a for egg donor issues too. In the end they had to look at three different egg donors before one worked out and the bummer with all this is that it all revolves around a cycle so every delay is at least a month's delay. My IP's and I were ready in March and we are now transferring in August - this Thursday!!! I hope they find someone who is already cleared and ready to go! Good luck!