Saturday, March 17, 2012


I am a hopeful Gestational Surrogate at the very beginning stages of a surrogacy journey.  I haven't decided 100% that I will actually end up being a GS, so for now this is a private blog - really more of a journal to chronicle my experiences and emotions as I go through this process.  Hopefully I will soon embark on my first GS journey, in which case I will open it up so that people can share my story and others considering surrogacy can learn something.  In researching this process I read many many blogs, both of surrogates and intended parents, and I found them very helpful and eye-opening.  What I didn't find were blogs that started from the very beginning - before a GS considered the process, chose an agency, and matched.  I'm hoping that by starting my blog now, I will be able to fill in those gaps.

In addition to being a GS, I am a person, with my own life, interests, and family.  I may or may not include that information in my blog posts.  Whether to do so, and in what detail, I haven't decided yet.  Perhaps it will depend on how public this blog ends up becoming.  As I move through this process and interact with agency professionals, doctors, intended parents, and eventually (hopefully) their child, I will never include personal identifying information without their approval.  Having been a surro blog reader myself, I know that it's disappointing to follow along through a surrogate's trials and tribulations of meds, transfers, and pregnancy, only to find out that I won't be rewarded with the name and/or pictures of the baby at the end of the story.  But since these are real people with real lives to live, I have to be respectful of their wishes, just as I'd hope they would do for me.

I do, however, intend to be completely honest regarding my experiences during this time.  If I'm elated, you'll know it.  If I'm in pain, or stressed out, or angry, you will know that too.  And if I'm pregnant, you'll definitely know that!  So I hope you follow along with me on my journey as we see where it leads!

Just a word of warning to those who want to follow my blog: I am verbose.  I was that kid in high school who thought the 10 page requirement for a research paper wasn't long enough.  I will probably drone on and on about things.  Oh look, I'm doing it now!  Anyway, when we get down to the nitty gritty, I will try to keep posts short and to the point, but just remember you've been warned!

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